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Schedule of Batches - 2023 season

Januaryto March 2023 season*

Note: Option for a private batch on the dates of your choice is available for a group of minimum 04 pax.

Batches January 2023 February 2023 March 2023
Batch 1 7thto 12th #subject to adequate snow 4th to 9th 4th to 9th
Batch 2 8th to 13th 5th to 10th 5th to 10th
Batch 3 14th to 19th 11th to 16th 11th to 16th
Batch 4 15th to 20th 12th to 17th 12th to 17th
Batch 5 21st to 26th 18th to 23rd 18th to 23rd
Batch 6 22nd to 27th 19th to 24th 19th to 24th
Batch 7 25th to 30st Special Batch
26th to 31st Special Batch,
28th to 2nd February
25th to 2nd March 25th to 30th
#subject to adequate snow
Batch 8 29th to 3rd February 26th to 3rd March 26th to 31st
#subject to adequate snow